Zertifizierungen für die Transport- & Logistikindustrie

Certifications for the Transport & Logistics Industry

Security along the entire logistics chain for suppliers, manufacturers and developers

International service sectors with cross-border networks, such as the logistics industry, make it essential to standardize management systems. Because only uniform process management can guarantee efficient and customer-oriented order processing - with regard to punctual delivery, integrity of goods and fast communication as well as traceability with status reports.

The extremely high dynamics of the global markets regularly lead to the emergence of new risks for internationally operating companies. The associated progressive development of all areas must be safe, transparent and comprehensible for all players in the logistics chain. To meet these requirements, it is essential to adapt systems and standards to the prevailing development cycles.

With our network of nearly 400 qualified transport inspectors in 46 countries and three strategically located technical centers around the world, Bureau Veritas helps your company to comply with all the underlying regulatory requirements in a professional and reliable manner.


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