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Transparent Value Chains

The service bundle for transparent und sustainable supply and production practices


Consumers, investors and the general public are becoming increasingly aware and demanding of transparency and sustainability compliance when it comes to supply chains - but in the context of a globalized and digitized Industry 4.0 these are in turn becoming more and more complex and their management exponentially more challenging.

Any disruptions along the supply chain can have a significant negative impact on the operational business.  For companies, a high degree of agility and responsiveness is therefore all the more essential to ensure efficient supply chain management in the long term and to avoid potential errors. Especially for the energy, retail, automotive and agri-food sectors, reliable risk management for the supply chain is one of the highest priorities in today's economy.

Bureau Veritas Expertise

Thanks to its' global presence in all business areas, Bureau Veritas can provide expertise at all stages of the value chain with an extensive network of experts. We help companies to implement and maintain responsible, fair procurement and enable transparent traceability of all products - from origin to end user.

We are dedicated to the active promotion of responsible economic models in the form of holistic services and solutions that support our customers in implementing recycling concepts scaled to individual requirements.

supply chain resilience

  •     Risk assessment based on field tests
  •     Tailor-made development of an individual "risk index"
  •     Implementation of digital storage solutions (Supply-R)
  •     ESG Supply Chain Audits

Food certification

  •     Testing of product components
  •     Organic certification

Circular Economy

 Evaluation & proof of your recycling management concept (Circular +)

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