Konformitätsverifizierung (VOC)

Verification of Conformity - (VoC) | Bureau Veritas

More consumer and environmental protection through conformity with national and international standards

Governments around the world are facing a considerable challenge: the global economy is rapidly growing and flourishing international trade is an ever-present priority. At the same time, public awareness of health risks, as well as consumer and environmental protection is increasing, forcing politicians to take innovative reassuring measures.

As a result, many countries currently dispose of a legislative framework for the safe and environmentally friendly import of foreign products. In order to fully comply with these regulations, a conformity assessment by an independent third-party body such as Bureau Veritas is usually required – hence the establishment of CBCA Programs.

What is CBCA?

Bureau Veritas' CBCA (Consignment Based Conformity Assessment) is the assessment of conformity of goods according to national applicable standards or internationally recognized equivalents. The objective of our Programs is not only to ensure product quality and safety for the end consumer, but also to help raise awareness among importers and exporters of the relevance of compliance and all the associated benefits.

4 Steps to your CBCA Certificate

1. Application

Importer/exporter submits an application for a certification at Verigates to a local Bureau Veritas contact.

2. Route to Compliance 

Select the route that suits you:

  • Route A: Any commodity, any dealer
  • Route B (Registration): Goods already registered by Bureau Veritas
  • Route C (Licensing): Goods already licensed by Bureau Veritas

3. Documentary Checks and Inspections

  • Verification of the conformity documents provided to ensure compliance with the regulations of the destination country
  • Additional laboratory tests/analyses on samples may be required
  • A physical inspection of the goods is performed

4. CBCA-Certificate

Bureau Veritas checks the inspection report for consistency with the documents available. If the result is satisfactory, a digital certificate of conformity is issued.
Exporters are advised not to send their goods before the process is finalized.

  • Certification and accreditation

    Bureau Veritas is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and was the first inspection body in the world with a network accreditation to ISO 17020:2012

  • Global network

    Our global presence offers you the convenience of international expertise combined with local service wherever you need it

  • Thorough experience

    Bureau Veritas was founded in 1828 and has many years of experience in simplifying international trade on behalf of numerous clients and government institutions

  • Understanding of processes

    The specialization of our auditors enables a better assessment of your business processes and contributes to their optimization with a professional certification service

Founding member of the TIC - Testing and Inspection Certification Council (former IFIA - International Federation of Inspection Agencies)

As a founding member of the Professional Association of Inspection Authorities and other TIC organizations, we are committed to adhering to the TIC Council Code of Practice in relation to Consignment Based Conformity Assessment (CBCA).


Who bears the costs for a CBCA certification?

In most cases, the exporter bears the costs. Depending on the country of destination, it could potentially be the importer.

Are all goods subject to mandatory inspection?

No, depending on the country of destination, some goods may be banned altogether and others may be exempted from inspection

What is the difference to a normal product certification?

CBCA is limited to checking the conformity of goods per shipment to a specific country. Product certification is usually for the product itself, without geographical limitation, and is based on inspections and factory audits.

To see the list of countries for which CBCA Certification is currently available and more information regarding each Program, please visit our Verigates-page.

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