Soziale und ethische Unternehmensführung

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Social and ethical Governance

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to all strategic activities that demonstrate socially and ecologically responsible action to stakeholders and the public.

Public awareness of responsible business practices is constantly increasing and has a significant influence on purchasing decisions - both in the B2C and B2B sectors. In this respect, companies are confronted with increasingly complex market requirements: It is essential for every business to establish an optimal balance between social responsibility and economic efficiency.  

Bureau Veritas Expertise

As an independent third party, Bureau Veritas plays a leading role in establishing responsible and transparent business practices. We support our clients with holistic, cross-sector solutions to reduce risks and ensure long-term optimized health and safety at work.

We also support companies with their internal diversity and inclusion policies by providing experts who measure relevant KPIs and reliably identify potential for improvement. This also applies to CSR practices such as ethically appropriate governance and economic integrity.


  •     Social Audits
  •     Health, Safety & Hygiene Audits
  •     Restart Your Business with BV: Safeguard Certification


  •  Monitoring of internal policies
  •  Optimization of management systems
  •  Review of reportings


  •  Human Rights Policy Assessment
  •  Evaluation of suppliers
  •  Anti-Corruption Certification
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