Lebensmittel- und Landwirtschaftliche Zertifizierung

Food and Agricultural Certification

Food certifications that meet the legal requirements of the food and agricultural sector

Food quality and safety is a constant concern for communities around the world and has been highlighted by repeated health scares. Consumers increasingly demand certainty that their food comes from sustainable and safe resources. Bureau Veritas offers the food industry certification of food and agricultural products under a variety of regulations.

Food and agricultural industry professionals must demonstrate safe, responsible practices and full product traceability, and achieve compliance with increasingly stringent industry and regulatory standards. With today's complex, globalized supply chains, meeting these expectations is more challenging than ever.

Ultimately, consumers and regulators want to know where food comes from, what it is made from and how it has been processed. Our certification services confirm the safety and quality of your products.


Certification according to REDcert takes into account the criteria of the RED Directive (Renewable Energy Directive) of the European Union. This lays down criteria for the sustainable production of biomass/biofuels. Certification enables you to prove that your products have been sustainably produced.


ISCC is an international standard for sustainable biomass.  An independent audit by Bureau Veritas ensures that the biomass is from sustainable cultivation and that emissions are actually saved compared to other materials. It also ensures traceability through your supply chain and proves that no forest has been cleared to grow the certified products.


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