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Occupational health and safety management for retail & service companies

To ensure the safety and health of employees, employers and business owners are required to take occupational health and safety measures and provide a healthy and safe workplace for their employees.

Each industry and field of employment presents unique challenges - especially in the retail and service sectors, not only must you protect your own employees, but you must also protect the customers who visit your stores and move freely through your sales and work areas. With Bureau Veritas Store Audits, you can ensure greater safety in your sales and work areas as well as

  • improving occupational health and safety for employees and customers
  • reducing your liability risk by complying with occupational health and safety legislation
  • reducing accident or work-related illnesses
  • improving your image with employees and customers


With Remote Inspections, Bureau Veritas offers a real-time digital solution to perform audits, inspections and walk-throughs in a flexible and time-efficient way. Anytime, anywhere. The feasibility of using remote inspections must be determined on a case-by-case basis.


Bureau Veritas Store Audits are specifically designed to provide occupational health and safety support to companies that have multiple retail locations or a large network of stores. 

For retail and service companies in particular, it is often challenging to verify and maintain the same quality of occupational health and safety requirements at each location. 

With Store Audits, we support you in checking and fulfilling occupational health and safety requirements - this ensures greater legal security.


Store audits are basically of interest to all companies that sell their products or services via stationary retail and/or e-commerce and serve customers in their sales outlets or branches. Store audits offer advantages not only for companies that have a large store network, but also for smaller retail businesses that want to improve health and safety conditions for their employees and customers. This includes the following companies:

  • Stores for clothing, sporting goods, toys, cosmetics or furniture
  • Service & advice-oriented retail such as pharmacies, bakeries or mobile phone stores
  • Department stores or warehouses with an extensive range of goods
  • Supermarkets, discount stores or specialty food stores
  • Banks and other financial service providers
  • Electronics stores
  • Hardware stores and garden centers

In principle, the store audits can be offered to all companies from the stationary retail or e-commerce business. If you would like to know whether your company is also eligible, please feel free to send us a message.

Do you want to ensure that quality and brand specifications, for example, are met at your branch locations or in your dealer network? Then take a look at our 2nd party services: 2nd party Audits


With Store Audits, you ensure more occupational health and safety in your sales and work areas - no doubt about it! But why is it additionally worthwhile for your company to opt for the Store Audits?

  • Fewer occupational accidents

    Store audits help reduce workplace accidents and accident-related absences of your employees

  • Higher employee satisfaction

    Store audits support you in providing a safe working environment for your employees and actively contributing to their health protection

  • Reduced liability risk

    Store audits help meet occupational health and safety requirements at all sites and reduce your liability risk

  • Better image

    With the Store Audit quality seal, your customers know that they can feel safe when shopping in your salesrooms


Many different aspects must be taken into account when implementing occupational health and safety in the retail / service sector. Bureau Veritas Store Audits check both customer-specific specifications and ensure compliance with legal requirements. During the inspections in the sales and work areas, our industry-experienced inspectors check the following aspects, among other things:

  • Implementation of organizational internal occupational health and safety (appointment of occupational safety specialists, company physician, evacuation, fire protection and first-aid officers, safety officers, etc.)
  • Compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Ordinance on Sales Facilities, the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health, the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances and the Ordinance on Occupational Medical Precautions
  • Risk assessment & operating instructions
  • Storage facilities and equipment according to DGUV regulation 108-007 (previously BGR 234)
  • Ladders and steps according to DGUV rule 208-016
  • Documentation for the testing of electrical equipment, ventilation systems, elevators and fire extinguishers, among other things
  • Fire protection concepts, escape and rescue routes
  • Instruction (e.g. handling of hand-held cutting tools, ladders and steps, compressors, fire extinguishers, paper presses, hot equipment, fire protection, computer workstation)


As part of our store audits, we can check your sales areas and workspaces for individual criteria in addition to the legal requirements for occupational health and safety, thus ensuring that internal company quality specifications are met (e.g. security measures to reduce shoplifting, checking brand specifications). If you already have a predefined criteria catalog, this can be adopted for the inspection of your sales and work areas. If you have not yet defined any inspection criteria, our experts will work with you to develop a criteria catalog, an inspection plan and an evaluation system - individually tailored to your company's requirements. We support you with:

  • Preparation of a store audit concept
  • Definition of the relevant audit criteria
  • Creation of a criteria catalog
  • Development of an evaluation system

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