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The use of hydrogen has an important role in the decarbonization of the industry and offers an alternative form of energy supply, particularly for carbon- and energy-intensive industries such as the chemical and process industries, iron and steel production, and the petroleum industry. For plant operators, manufacturers, energy producers, logistics companies or hydrogen users - for all companies that are involved with hydrogen in any way - the transformation towards a hydrogen economy represents one of the major challenges of the oncoming years. However, for hydrogen to realize its potential as a sustainable energy source, safe and durable technologies and solutions must be utilized along the entire hydrogen value chain.

Production, storage and use of hydrogen pose a special challenge

Hydrogen offers significant advantages as a sustainable energy source, requiring specifications and safety measures due to its molecular properties. For example, storage tanks, pipelines, valves, components as well as entire plants have to be tested and certified in complex test procedures. In this way, safety risks can be minimized in the long term when handling hydrogen and using hydrogen-powered technologies, environmental and plant performance can be optimized, and legal requirements can be met.  

Hydrogen| development of the value chain for sustainably produced energy

Hydrogen Broschüre

Hydrogen, which is derived from green energy sources, is gaining popularity around the world.   

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Hydrogen| development of the value chain for sustainably produced energy

Solutions along the entire hydrogen value chain

As an experienced provider of inspection, testing and certification solutions and extensive knowledge in oil and gas, conventional and alternative power generation, chemical and process industries, among others, Bureau Veritas supports companies worldwide in bringing hydrogen solutions and technologies to market in compliance with all regulatory and safety requirements. By supporting our customers to evaluate hydrogen projects in terms of compliance and performance, as well as ensuring quality and safety, our teams are helping to shape the use of hydrogen for a sustainable future.

From planning to operation

  • Planning


    Allgemeine/branchenübergreifende Zertifizierungen


    Approval: Coverage of safety, security, environmental and industry regulations according to national and international norms and standards.

    Environment and community: support for hazard analysis, active principle studies, investigation of manufacturing and transport options

    Reputation: specification and performance verification, proof of origin of hydrogen, sustainability.

  • Engineering


    Fertigungsüberwachung beim Hersteller


    Project certification: H2 project certification

    Product conformity: Determination of the product and equipment conformity of plants, components and materials (e.g. Machinery Directive, Pressure Equipment Directive).

    Supply chain: demand requirement verification, supplier/manufacturer verification and auditing (including Shop Inspection and Expediting), performance and resilience assessment.

  • Construction


    Construction Services


    Expediting: incoming goods inspection, project monitoring, design review

    Construction safety: workplace safety monitoring (HSE), quality assurance, quality control.  

    Project management: deadline tracking, cost tracking, project progress control, monitoring of manufacturing requirements

  • Operation


    5 Dinge die jeder Qualitätsmanager wissen muss


    Plant integrity: regular inspections, onstream inspection with efficiency improvement program

    H2 quality: certification of the H2 purity level through a special protocol for end-user assurance, as well as laboratory tests.

    H2 sourcing: end-to-end certification

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Our extensive portfolio of solutions helps companies meet challenges on the way to sustainable power generation, protect the environment, and ensure the quality of components and plants along the entire value chain.

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