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Quality assurance during the planning, development and implementation of your data center

The demands on the performance of data centers are becoming higher against the background of increasing digitalization, Industry 4.0, cloud computing or the Internet of Things (IoT). In order to be able to process increasing amounts of data at an appropriate speed, all elements of the IT infrastructure must be perfectly coordinated. Fast data transfer, scalable data storage systems and high-performance servers are just a few of the basic requirements to ensure that IT functions perfectly.

The increasing demands on the performance of the IT infrastructure mean that the planning and construction of data centers is becoming increasingly demanding. Experience and interdisciplinary expertise are necessary to successfully implement complex construction projects such as the construction of a data center.


Throughout the entire construction and planning phase of a data center, complex requirements and factors must be taken into account that have a long-term impact on the quality, availability and operational reliability of the data center. Bureau Veritas can help you define the requirements of the data center, select the contractors and choose the land for construction well before the construction phase begins. This phase also determines whether and which certifications will be strived for. As the construction project progresses, Bureau Veritas provides support on issues such as proof of concept, quality assurance, contract review, professional defect management and project management for construction and real estate projects.

Acquisition phase Already during the acquisition phase, we are at your side with our expertise and support you in your investment decision. Regardless of whether you want to build a new data center, purchase an existing data center or even modernize and expand it during operation, our service portfolio helps you to minimize investment risks and make the right decision.
Planning phase In order to build long-lasting, energy-efficient and flexibly deployable data centers, we draw up strategic specifications for data center planning based on our customer requirements. By planning, costs that arise later can be minimized and any change requests that may arise can be anticipated even before the actual construction of the data center. Together with the planner, we use innovative tools such as BIM to minimize planning costs.
Construction phase The quality during construction affects the longevity and the reliability/availability of the data center. To ensure that the required quality is guaranteed and your data center has the highest possible availability, we carry out continuous quality controls and are available to you with on-site support during the entire construction phase. Level 1-5 acceptance tests ensure a high quality standard during the construction and integration phase.
Commissioning In order to ensure trouble-free operation of the data center, all technical elements and supplying infrastructures must be perfectly coordinated and function under real operating conditions. By means of extensive test procedures, we ensure the functionality of the air conditioning supply, power supply, security systems and building control technology in the network even before the start of operation.
Operating phase With individual operation, security and maintenance concepts, we support you in data center operations. Precisely defined work processes, staff training, operating manuals or the selection of suitable maintenance companies ensure maximum availability and security.


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Datacenter Consulting is designed to support companies in building data centers. Not only must complex requirements with regard to the technology, functionality and performance of the data center be taken into account, but regulatory requirements and laws must also be complied with - and always within a feasible time and cost framework. Our many years of experience and expertise in building data centers guarantee you the highest quality and security.


    The close coordination between the client and his authorized representative, as well as the knowledge gained from discussions with the contractors, is translated into a presentation that is understandable to the client and provides more transparency in the construction of your data center.


    Continuous quality controls and professional defect management ensure that the work involved in building your data center is carried out to the required quality standards.


    Keep an eye on the costs from the start! Permanent cost controlling supports you in keeping to your planned construction costs. Due to a high planning depth, a supplementary management is avoided as much as possible.

  • End-2-End Service

    Bureau Veritas will support you throughout the entire project - from project planning to the operation of your data center. Operation-relevant structures (security concept, operating personnel, etc.) are taken into account right from the planning phase.


Bureau Veritas offers you a comprehensive portfolio of services for the construction of your data center. With our end-2-end service, we support you from planning to operation.


    Environmental analysis
    Property valuation
    Seismic risk assessment
    Site evaluation
    Land use plan


    Technical assessment
    Feasibility study
    Condition assessment (construction)
    Electricity & Water
    Assessment of computer center operation


    Scope of Work definition
    Creation of tender
    Selection of the main contractor
    Contract Review
    Construction schedule
    Reconciliation of supplier list
    Proof of concept
    Assistance in contract awarding


    Perception of on-site appointments
    Quality assurance system inspection of the trades
    Scheduling control
    List of deficiencies
    Change Management Process
    Factory Acceptance Tests
    Acceptance tests Level 1-5


    Definition of operation, maintenance & emergency processes
    Support maintenance contract
    Asset management
    Preparation of operating manual
    Staff training


International high-speed connections, global networking of data center locations and smooth access to all data at all company locations are common requirements of globally active companies.

In order to meet the demands of global data center construction and modernization projects, Bureau Veritas offers Data Consulting services worldwide and can provide you with the right experts at all your locations to help you realize your construction projects.

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