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New Mobility

Our contribution to promoting green mobility


The transport industry - including airlines, railroads, land vehicles and marine shipping - is responsible for about 25% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

In all areas of mobility, companies are striving to drive forward the energy revolution and make renewable sources usable for themselves by developing sustainable fuels and using alternative drive systems.

Since electricity is a key pillar in the mobility revolution, the development of e-mobility in the area of passenger and freight transport depends largely on charging solutions that are both easily accessible and affordable.

Bureau veritas EXPERTISE

Bureau Veritas uses its global network of experts to help clients across the industry utilize new energies efficiently. For example, while technologies based on liquified natural gas (LNG) or advanced battery technology are gaining traction, we support companies in optimizing the design of their transportation vehicles and ensure compliance with air emission regulations.

A mix of innovative technologies, alternative fuels and energy sources is steadily reducing the industry's environmental footprint. By working with relevant stakeholders and drawing on extensive expertise in the field of new mobility, BV helps the industry set the course for a new era of sustainable development.


  •    Batteries
  •     Inspection of charging stations and technical support
  •     Connectivity testing


  •     Inspection of LNG vessels (new construction, conversion)
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