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Connected Products (IOT) Cybersecurity

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Ever since the Internet of Things (IoT) was first introduced, it has seen continuous expansion, with more and more connected products. This opens doors to vulnerabilities that can generate dramatic impacts. Our services help manufacturers mitigate the risk on their connected products and assure compliance with new regulations. At the same time, we can support them in developing and communicating their cybersecurity effectiveness.


Connectivity is now a must-have functionality for new products. And it’s not just about smart gadgets. Connectivity is imperative for any new product, including vehicles, medical devices, and industrial and telecommunications equipment. The cybersecurity of these products has thus become a critical topic that cannot be ignored. After all, any of these new connected products could end up as a doorway to all kinds of vulnerabilities.

The first few years of the IoT saw the lack of a clear set of relevant standards and frameworks to support manufacturers in developing appropriate assurance level of security into their products. Today, though, there are multiple internationally recognized standards, frameworks, and certification programs that can help them, including IEC 62443, ETSI EN 303 645, and ISO 21434.

From a regulatory point of view, cybersecurity is also seen as a major topic. The first examples are already in place, or are in a final drafting stage:

  1. UNECE international regulations mandate connected vehicles’ cybersecurity and software updates processes and functionalities.
  2. Medical devices need to measure up to extensive requirements for placement on various markets, including the US (FDA regulations) and EU (MDR regulations).
  3. The Radio Equipment Directive (RED) will set in place regulatory requirements that target consumer products.

Our Servicves:

Bureau Veritas is your partner in the world of product safety assessment, conformity and certification. Our portfolio of services available includes a wide range of standards and certification schemes covering several product areas. Our global network is one of our key assets. With more than 1,600 offices and labs worldwide, we offer specialist expertise within your reach. 

For more details on our consumer products cyber security services, visit our global Bureau Veritas Consumer Products website.


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