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The current global business environment motivates companies to consider the social and ethical impacts of their operations. Companies that are able to demonstrate a responsible approach to social and ethical issues gain a competitive advantage and positively influence the confidence of customers, investors, local communities and consumers. Social concerns such as child labour, forced labour, unregulated working hours, lack of occupational health and safety, inadequate wage levels and discrimination push companies to consider not only their own environment but the entire production chain. In this context, the monitoring of socially acceptable practices in the workplace by an independent third party is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, Bureau Veritas offers its clients a voluntary SA8000 certification. You will thus receive a certificate that certifies you and your clients that your social standards conform to SA8000.


SA8000 is the first auditable and globally recognized standard in the field of social rights developed by Social Accountability International (SAI) in the USA. As a minimum requirement for labour and social standards, it is particularly suitable for transnational companies of all sizes and is compatible with the structures of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 und der OHSAS 18001 Normen. SA8000 is based on conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. SA8000 certification can be easily integrated into existing management systems.

  • Know-how

    Bureau Veritas Certification is the world leader in the field of accredited social responsibility certification. Since receiving SA8000 accreditation in January 1999, Bureau Veritas has conducted audits in more than 30 countries in a wide range of business sectors.

  • Network

    We are represented in over 140 countries. This global presence enables us to offer our customers the advantage of international know-how combined with in-depth local knowledge.


    Our success is based on a close and cooperative partnership with the aim of advancing your business. More than 5,700 specially trained auditors contribute to the optimization of your business processes with a professional certification service.


    Bureau Veritas Certification offers the possibility of integrated certification of all known standards, providing significant advantages in terms of consistency, optimization and efficiency.


  • What is SAI?

    SAI "Social Accountability International" is a non-governmental, international multi-shareholder association that works to improve working conditions and communities by creating standards of social responsibility. SAI unites the major shareholders in an effort to create consensus-based, voluntary standards for labour relations and uncovers cost benefits. SAI appoints auditors, organises training, provides technical advice and helps companies to meet the social requirements of their production chain in a sustainable manner.

  • Does SA8000 certification cover all industries?

    No, because it is in the nature of some industries that they are excluded from the rules of the SA8000 Code, for example agriculture or extractive industries. Nevertheless, Bureau Veritas Certification can help these industries to achieve Corporate Social Responsibility objectives and develop alternative approaches.


Environmental protection and social responsibility are becoming more and more important in the competitive environment and have now reached a similar level of importance as quality and price in the marketing of products and services. There is a wide range of implementation options and evidence for a responsible approach to social, ethical and environmental issues.

Bureau Veritas is your partner for more security and quality on the subject Sustainability.

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