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Being "green" and "ethical" are no longer options nowadays, but a necessity. New laws, voluntary standards and customer expectations are increasingly placing a responsibility on companies to consider the impact of their services and products on the environment and society, in addition to the financial performance. Demand for environmentally friendly and ethically produced products and services continues to grow. As environmental, health and safety, and social issues move to the forefront of thinking, most major brands, as well as SMEs, are beginning to focus on the "three pillars" model: social, economic, and environmental responsibility.

Many companies have already recognized the opportunities presented by these developments and are voluntarily incorporating social sustainability into their processes. They define their self-image of cooperation with employees, partners and subcontractors codes of conduct, for example.

With the Supply Chain Act coming into force on 01.01.2023, it is now increasingly important to implement, verify and prove compliance with the CSR standards set along the value chain in order to minimize risks of liability.

Especially in industries such as construction, gastronomy, transport&logistics, " cleaning" or agriculture, which increasingly work with temporary workers, employees in contracts for work or temporary employment, the implementation of minimum labor standards is quite shady. It is not unusual for a general lack of transparency to result in official inspections, e.g. by customs authorities or the Federal Labor Office, in order to counteract undeclared work and illegal employment. The main focus of these inspections, in addition to checking the personal data and residence permits of the employees, is the written documentation of the contracts for work and services, the employment contracts and compliance with the minimum wage.

Social audits for more transparency!

Bureau Veritas offers various 2nd party audits (risk assessments) to help companies identify potential organizational gaps in corporate due diligence compliance within their own company, but also along your supply chain, and to avoid related regulatory offences/criminal cases. Our experienced auditors review the various focal points of sustainable corporate governance based on your individual specifications or according to Bureau Veritas checklist, such as:

  • Health and safety (occupational health and safety)

  • Fair working conditions

  • Exclusion of child labor, forced labor and discrimination

  • Environmental protection

First Approach

Auditing according to a checklist created by Bureau Veritas, which takes into account all applicable laws and regulations.

second approach

Auditing according to a checklist developed by the customer, which includes all company-specific specifications.

third approach

Preparation of a checklist tailored to the client by Bureau Veritas, taking into account all relevant, company-specific issues, and subsequent auditing.

In discussions with the contractor and, if applicable, subcontractors, and by reviewing important documents, the auditor assesses the situation on site. A detailed report reveals potential for improvement, for which appropriate measures can be derived.

the benefits at a galance:

  • Independent assessment of current conditions
  • Creation of transparency and structure
  • Installation of a regular interface control
  • Report generation considering your needs
  • Acceptance of an independent assessment by third parties
  • Bureau Veritas' long experience in the field of social audits in the transport and logistics sector (2nd & 3rd party) as well as in the handling of transport and logistics contracts

Broschure social audits for transport & logistics industry (ger.)


Compliance with legal and internal requirements and preparation for regulatory control.

We support you in eliminating organizational gaps in the cooperation with subcontractors or partners in order to avoid related administrative offences and criminal proceedings. With various 2nd party audits we support you in complying with legal requirements as well as your code of conduct.                                                                                                                                        Learn more now in our german Broschure

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