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Monitoring and inspection of assembly and maintenance measures on the construction site

Large projects in plant construction often take place at international locations. However, this makes it increasingly difficult for operators and manufacturers to ensure the correct installation and commissioning of the plant within the time schedule.

With a Site-Inspection by Bureau Veritas, the monitoring of the equipment at the place of installation and destination is carried out as required before, during and after installation, using a Site-Inspection Checklist. We have a worldwide network of experts to ensure that we are on site for you as quickly as possible.

Current note: Remote inspections - an innovative solution in times of Corona

The current situation surrounding the global corona pandemic is causing enormous uncertainty among companies. Performing remote inspections can help ensure that planned tests and inspections continue to take place and business operations are maintained in the best possible way - while protecting the health of your employees and our inspectors. Click here for more information:  Remote Inspections in times of Corona



    in case of critical problems can prevent construction delays.


    Delivered products are tested and only then installed.


    Our inspectors know the regulations and influences.


    Stay up to date with regular reports.


During the inspection at the installation site of a plant, the exact and professional execution of the assembly and commissioning is checked. Furthermore, maintenance and repair measures are monitored for plants already in operation. In doing so, our experts check the compliance with legal standards and specifications.
Our inspectors are able to detect quality-related or schedule-related problems at an early stage and provide immediate feedback. Close communication between inspector and customer is a matter of course for us.
Your advantage with site inspection: immediate initiation of countermeasures - if necessary in coordination with Bureau Veritas - and qualified on-site monitoring for effectiveness.

Regular site inspection reports and photo documentation allow you to track the progress of the project at any time without having to be on site yourself.

The monitoring program is tailored to your requirements and can include site inspections:

  • Checking the quality and completeness of purchased materials
  • Inspection of steel structures during construction, e.g. monitoring of welding work, assembly of bolted connections or non-destructive testing
  • Monitoring of the installation process in terms of quality and deadlines
  • Checking for professional assembly and support during commissioning
  • Functional and performance test
  • Monitoring of repair work

The site inspection is usually carried out during the installation and setup of the system. However, it can also be carried out during the installation of new parts, scheduled inspections, recurring tests, maintenance and repairs. Site inspection with the help of site inspection checklists and site inspection reports ensures that the functionality and safety of the plant is also guaranteed in the future. Thus estimating the service lifetime of e.g. a plant and optimizing by specific subsequent measures is easier.

In addition to site inspection, Expediting (adherence to the project schedule through deadline monitoring) can be added as a useful inspection.)

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