Asset Tagging

Asset Tagging – Asset Identification and Condition Assessment with Bureau Veritas 

Bureau Veritas' preventive maintenance solutions

Facility managers and companies face many challenges in maintaining as well as optimizing the productivity of their facilities and/or assets. This is the case for many industries, but especially for retail, transportation and logistics services, and hospitality. 

By regularly maintaining your inventory, you not only ensure the functionality of sensitive equipment and avoid costly downtime, but also ensure regulatory compliance and the safety of your customers and employees. Success usually starts with one thing: keeping an accurate and up-to-date record of data, such as serial numbers, manufacturers, warranties, etc., about the condition of your equipment. 


Anlagen- & Maschinensicherheit

Leading companies and government agencies rely on Bureau Veritas as a trusted partner with single-source services for every stage in the lifecycle of their equipment and assets.

Bureau Veritas' global network of testing facilities delivers accurate and reliable results that you can rely on to keep your equipment and assets up and running. The ability to take critical maintenance actions that reduce or eliminate failures saves money and investments.

The use of highly skilled teams and a world-class data collection program improves asset reliability, maximizes uptime and increases production levels.

Bureau Veritas enables organizations (both private and public) to define, measure and achieve safety goals.


During the assessment, each project team is responsible for collecting and storing inventory and condition assessment data in an electronic format that can be easily transferred to the client's CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management Systems) system. 
Bureau Veritas collects information on key equipment, IT assets, machinery and plants. Die Datenerfassung umfasst insbesondere die vom Kunden definierten Anlagen und konzentriert sich auf die folgenden Komponenten: 

  • HVAC
  • Boilers, furnaces, heaters and major labeled equipment
  • Electrical 
  • Plumbing
  • Specialized equipment 
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Life protection / Safety 
  • Vertical transport


We can help you upgrade your existing work order system or implement a new CMMS platform. Bureau Veritas performs data collection for inventory and assets, including brand, model, manufacturer, serial number, condition data, and digital photos of your equipment and building systems.

In addition, Bureau Veritas can tag asset components with barcode or QR code labels, giving you direct mobile access to data.

Barcoding / QR-enCoding

Bureau Veritas attaches a permanent barcode / QR code - called an asset tag - with a unique number to your plant and equipment for identification in your CMMS system. The barcodes / QR codes are stored in the database and all future work orders can be assigned to a single piece of equipment or system.


Bureau Veritas identifies recommended preventive maintenance routines, frequencies and resource requirements to maintain and extend the useful life of existing assets. The result is a database or spreadsheet format available for upload to a CMMS or similar work order management system.


Behavior Based Safety

Storeroom Asset Management (SAM) is a unique challenge for most vertical markets.

Bureau Veritas' SAM experts support facility and maintenance management in CMMS optimization, new or retrofitted storerooms, and the development of component and item inventory strategies.

SAM Services

  • Consulting:
    Maintenance management and storeroom management
  • Technology:
    Data processing and CMMS support
  • Physical New Start:
    Stockroom & "5S"
  • Installation:
    Shelving & Furnishings


The best Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) solutions integrate spare parts management, purchasing and asset lifecycle management. CMMS software organizes the core functions of a maintenance program.

Minimum requirements for a functional system include an asset register, work order support, and a forecasting function for capital planning (either internally or through integration with a financial system).

  • Inventory
    A detailed inventory of equipment and components fills the asset register.
  • PMP
    Presentative Maintenance Plans (PMP) define the workflow, determine staffing levels, and optimize work scheduling.
  • FCA
    Facility Condition Assessments (FCA) support facility management lifecycle planning.
  • SAM
    Storeroom Asset Management (SAM) links the CMMS to the production lines.

In addition, Bureau Veritas acts as an independent partner, neutrally assessing the situation and auditing the areas that need special attention on your part. With our  2nd party Audits, you can ensure that the quality, safety and compliance standards you set are met in all sales locations, subsidiaries and the entire dealer or supplier network.


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