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Technological change, digitalization, fast-moving business environments - the rapid developments of the global economy present companies across all industries with enormous challenges. Innovative and agile solutions are all the more in demand in the TIC sector (Testing, Inspection, Certification): So-called Remote Audits - computer-aided auditing techniques from a distance - offer maximum flexibility with a full range of services.

In essence, the audit process from a distance differs only slightly from conventional on-site audits. Our auditor contacts you via interactive, web-based video conference and accompanies you step by step through the process. Before commissioning the audit, please make absolutely sure that all technical and spatial requirements are met (see FAQ).


The corona crisis is currently causing great uncertainty among many companies. Especially now, it is essential to maintain business activities in the best possible way while prioritizing the safety and health of staff and customers. This makes it all the more essential to consistently adhere to rules, regulations and standards - these are often required not only by law from the government, but also from business partners by contract. Bureau Veritas audit solutions help you maintain your certification on time.


More flexibility, lower costs, consistent quality

Where permitted under the regulations, an on-site audit can be partly carried out as a remote audit. In doing so, all applicable data protection guidelines are fully complied with at all times. In addition, you benefit from greater flexibility thanks to short-term planning times and fast implementation.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about Remote Audits

which companies are SUITABLE FOR remote audits?

Remote Audits are suitable for all companies. The proportion of remote auditing depends on the structure of the company. For example, the remote share for companies with a high service offer can be higher than in the purely manufacturing industry. For companies with several locations, remote auditing is particularly advantageous at those locations where support functions (such as sales, facility management, marketing, purchasing, etc.) are located.

If you are unsure whether a remote audit can be performed at your site or any other, please contact us.

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