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Programme for the recognition of forest certification schemes

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes is an international, non-profit, non-governmental organization that promotes sustainable forest management monitored by independent external certification.

PEFC is based on the agreements established by the European Ministerial Conferences for the Protection of Forests in Europe. It was founded in the 1990s by various representatives of the forestry and timber industry. The revised version of 2005 takes into account recent developments. PEFC recognizes a large number of individual national forest standards and other applicable norms.


  • Criteria apply throughout the supply chain to ensure that the production of paper and wood products from forests managed according to environmental, economic and social standards is in line with
  • Is a sign of confidence for customers and consumers to identify products from sustainably managed forest resources
  • Acts as an umbrella organisation and supports the applicability of national forest certification schemes at the regional level and under local conditions
  • PEFC recognizes numerous national certification schemes
  • Has a mandatory internationally uniform product chain standard


PEFC defines minimum requirements for forest certification schemes and is aimed at forest enterprises, the timber trade and the wood processing industry. The PEFC logo attests to good forestry practice and the complete documentation of the wood flow to the end consumer.


Not only the supplier of certified material but also the buyer of certified products must be clearly identified. The certification schemes according to PEFC focus on forestry management under consideration of valid economic, environmental and social standards. It is a management certification scheme aimed at forest owners who wish to document the sustainability of their forest management with an internationally recognised certificate.  The certification itself is carried out by independent and accredited certification bodies. Experienced and competent certifiers carry out the annual audits, the procedure for which is clearly defined.


Not only the supplier of certified material but also the buyer of certified products must be clearly identified. The PEFC chain of custody certification is aimed at all companies that work with or trade in wood and wood products (e.g. woodworking and wood processing industry, suppliers, wholesalers and retailers) and enables the traceability of the wood flow along the entire production chain.

Becoming PEFC Chain of Custody certified means that you can use the PEFC label on your wood products and offer PEFC-labelled products to your customers.



    on ecologically oriented market segments


    Obtain products from sustainably managed forest areas


    Through risk management in the entire procurement process


    Increases the value of your brand


Bureau Veritas Certification is an independent certification body accredited for both PEFC certification and PEFC chain of custody certification.

Over 700 clients have trusted Bureau Veritas Certification's services for PEFC certification, which gives them the assurance that their forestry operations comply with PEFC requirements. Through our international network of independent auditors, we are in a position to act for you worldwide.

PEFC certification enables you to use an internationally recognized label for your company.

Show your customers and consumers that your products come from sustainably managed forests and add value to your products. Within the framework of forest certification systems, PEFC certifications create trust for customers and consumers.

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