Konformitätsbewertung nach TPED

Conformity Assessment According to TPED | Bureau veritas

Approvals according to EU Pressure Equipment Directive 2010/35

The European Directive 2010/35/EU (Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive - TPED), lays down the relevant provisions for the placing on the market of transportable pressure equipment.

A group of 3 existing ordinances have been adapted for the TPED transposition into Swiss legislation:

  • Ordinance on the placing on the market and market surveillance of dangerous goods containers (SR 930.111.4)
  • Ordinance on the transport of dangerous goods by rail and cableway installation (SR 742.412)
  • Ordinance on the transport of dangerous goods by road (SR 741.621)

We offer the necessary know-how and the legal requirements to assess transportable pressure equipment in accordance with the technical safety requirements in order to obtain approval in accordance with the Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive (PI marking).

This can include, for example, periodic testing, intermediate testing, extraordinary testing or reassessment of the conformity of transportable pressure receptacles.


  • Inspections (periodic and extraordinary tests) and certifications (type approvals) for conformity assessment
  • Re-assessment of conformity of types and pressure equipment, for the subsequent affixing of the Pi marking to, for example, old national gas cylinders
  • Support in the application of the currently valid ADR/RID and the European standards mentioned therein
  • Evaluation of materials for compliance with the technical requirements of the currently valid regulations (preparation of an individual PMA report)
  • Supervision of production
  • We audit and certify your in-house inspection service according to TPED and ADR/RID



  • Pressure receptacles other than UN pressure receptacles (according to ADR/RID subsection 6.2.3)
  • UN pressure receptacles (according to ADR/RID subsection 6.2.2)
  • Tanks (in accordance with ADR/RID 6.8)
  • Battery-powered vehicles
  • Gas container
  • MEGC
  • Gas cartridges (UN 2037)

BUREAU VERITAS S.A. France carries out the conformity assessment and the tests according to the guidelines for you under the identification number 0062 and with the involvement of Bureau Veritas Germany Industry Services GmbH.

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