Konformitätsbewertung nach PED

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Approvals according to EU Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68

The Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, transposed in the Swiss law by the Ordinance on pressure equipment (SR 930.114), covers individual pressure equipment and assemblies, stationary pressure equipment - PEDs, which are newly placed on the market of the European Union when they are placed on the market. This means that they are pressure equipment, assemblies or products manufactured in the European Union or imported from a third country.

We offer the necessary know-how and the legal prerequisites - in compliance with the technical safety requirements - to assess pressure equipment and assemblies in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive in order to obtain approval (CE marking). This can include, for example, design review, final and pressure testing or quality monitoring.


  • Assistance in risk assessment, hazard analysis and classification of pressure equipment into certain categories according to their hazard potential
  • Advice on the selection of the correct module of the Pressure Equipment Directive in accordance with Article 14 Annex III
  • In addition to inspections and certifications, we also offer the design examination required for conformity assessment and obtain design samples or type approvals.
  • Support in the application of the "harmonized standards" and regulations as well as the performance of corresponding tests (e.g. EN 13445, ASME, AD2000 and others)
  • Evaluation of materials for compliance with the technical requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive (preparation of an individual PMA report)
  • Auditing and certification of its quality system in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive



The directive applies to the following pressure equipment with a Maximum permissible pressure (PS) of more than 0.5 bar:

  • Pressure vessels (e.g. heat exchangers, columns, steam boilers, tanks)
  • Piping
  • Equipment parts with safety function
  • Pressure-retaining equipment parts
  • Assemblies of several pressure devices such as containers and pipelines

BUREAU VERITAS S.A. France carries out the conformity assessment and the tests according to the guidelines for you under the identification number 0062 and with the involvement of Bureau Veritas Industry Services GmbH

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