Bureau Veritas launches new supply chain monitoring solution

Jul. 23 2020

Supply-R enables improved supply chain responsiveness and reliability

Bureau Veritas is a global leader in testing, inspection and certification (TIC) services, launches Supply-R, a solution that helps companies meet the new reliability challenges of their supplier network to ensure business continuity under all circumstances.

In the first half of 2020, companies have gained a wealth of insight into the resilience of global supply chains and the impact of failures and interruptions on their business. It became clear that many companies urgently need to reassess the risks in their supply chain based on practical data. This will ensure that, in view of the new situation, all relevant factors are adequately considered, evaluated and made transparent.

Bruno Ferreyra, Executive Vice-President Bureau Veritas, EXPLANATED:

"Economic globalization means that supply chains include more suppliers and intermediaries than before, and they are scattered all over the world. This makes it more difficult to monitor every step, every process and every stakeholder in the supply chain. Our goal is to help companies around the world to design their supply chains in such a way that they have complete control over production".

Pascal Singh, Country Chief Executive Switzerland, ADDS:

"The Corona pandemic has shown us that interruptions in the supply chain can occur from one day to the next. With the help of Supply-R, companies can reduce this risk by making the entire supply chain more transparent."


Supply-R is a unique solution that enables a tailor-made risk assessment of the supply chain based on practical data. The relevant data is collected during an independent audit of key suppliers on site and bundled using a digital platform. Based on the available data, business decisions can be made more easily in the future and the risk of bottlenecks can be minimized. This enables improved transparency of the supply chain.

In addition, the solution is flexible and agile, enabling it to efficiently meet the specific needs of different customers and industries. It offers a modular structure that addresses the critical factors of a supply chain, such as business continuity, technical capabilities, HSE, data integrity and information security, logistics and warehousing.

Supply-R is aimed at all companies in the industrial and service sectors. It helps them to keep their business running and to better manage risks associated with their global supplier network.

You can download the entire press release as a PDF file here: Supply-R press release (german)