The new EU market surveillance regulation | Frequently asked questions

May 12 2022

All important information about the new EU Market Surveillance Regulation (EU) 2019/1020

The new Market Surveillance Regulation of the European Union (in short: EU-MSR) has been in effect since 16.07.2021 and is applicable with immediate effect in addition to the market surveillance regulations in the individual harmonization directives of the EU (in short: "EU product regulations"), provided that no special regulations have been made for this purpose in these.

The primary objective of the EU-MSR, in addition to expanding the EU domestic market and tightening conformity checks on products, is a stricter market surveillance, which is to be achieved through clear, transparent, and comprehensive rules for economic operators.

Consequently, it is important that companies know their duties and obligations under the EU-MSR and implement them accordingly. In this free whitepaper, you will therefore find all the important information you need to implement the new EU-MSR.

You can download the free Whitepaper here:

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