Covid-19 Prevention Plan | Bureau Veritas

Mar. 6 2020

Communication from Bureau Veritas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Bureau Veritas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland provides information below on the action plan for the prevention and control of the infection with COVID-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2) To protect the health of its own employees and the employees of customers and contractors, to ensure business continuity and at the same time to comply with applicable regulations, Bureau Veritas implements the following steps, among others:

  • Creation of an emergency management group to constantly monitor the authorities' provisions and update the existing action plan
  • Implementation of an internal guideline with precautions and rules of conduct for handling COVID-19
  • Establishment of a weekly information meeting, in which employees can ask specific questions and receive up-to-date information

All Bureau Veritas employees in Germany, Austria and Switzerland were also advised to stay up to date and to inform themselves independently on the official websites. For this purpose, the following websites have been provided as reliable sources of information:

Bureau Veritas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland therefore confirms that the COVID 19 Prevention Plan has been distributed to all employees in accordance with the above provisions and that the provisions notified by the competent authorities are being implemented.

Bureau Veritas points out that any known situation with a potential risk of infection must be reported immediately to the authorities so that the necessary measures can be taken in good time.

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