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Bureau Veritas supports companies reopening after Corona break with new service package

May. 28 2020

Restart your Business with BV

Bureau Veritas is  a global leader in testing, inspection and certification (TIC) services, has developed a comprehensive suite of solutions to help companies of all sizes, across all industries, resume operations and verify health, safety and hygiene conditions.

Today, the biggest challenge for many companies is to get back into business as quickly as possible while maintaining proper health, safety and hygiene conditions for employees, customers and partners - whether on the premises, in the offices or on the sales floor. Companies with public areas and access to the public, such as restaurants, hotels, retailers or fitness studios, are particularly challenged.

Building on 200 years of experience in risk management, Bureau Veritas has developed a range of solutions to meet the individual needs of companies in all sectors of the economy for a safe return to business.

Thanks to its global presence in 140 countries and its strong expertise in occupational health and safety and conformity assessment, Bureau Veritas is able to provide high quality services to companies and public authorities worldwide, while respecting local characteristics and regulations.

The "Restart Your Business with BV" services have been developed in collaboration with a number of experts and stakeholders. The main objectives of the Bureau Veritas Group are as follows:

  • Comprehensive health protection for employees and customers
  • The use of many years of experience for the efficient consolidation of national and international regulations and best practices
  • Fast implementation / creation / adaptation of the necessary documents and thus long-term health and economic risk minimization
  • Legal compliance through compliance with all legal regulations and requirements for a safe working environment

"Restart Your Business with BV" is designed to address the specific risks of all places where people meet and work, from offices, hotels, restaurants, retail and public facilities to construction sites and production facilities.


Provided companies meet all defined health, safety and hygiene requirements following an independent review by an appropriately qualified auditor, Bureau Veritas awards the Safeguard Label.

Safeguard Label with Text

The Bureau Veritas Safeguard Label defines and assesses 10 areas, including management's commitment to prevent the risk of contamination; the proper application of hygiene regulations; compliance with minimum physical distance requirements; adherence to personal protective measures among team members and towards the public; management of client payments; and proper monitoring and management of suspected or proven cases of contamination.

More than ever before, Bureau Veritas' role as an expert, independent third party is crucial to laying the foundations for mutual trust between business and society during this recovery phase. The current situation is continuously monitored and adjustments are made immediately if necessary. In close cooperation with its clients, Bureau Veritas is committed to actively contribute to minimizing the impact of COVID-19. As an expert in health and safety services, Bureau Veritas is particularly aware of the responsibility this entails.

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