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Update Training VDA 6.3

Update Trainings & Certificate Renewal


The seminar is aimed at anyone who would like an overview of the current changes. 

A previous auditor training as process auditor VDA 6.3 is strongly recommended. 

The seminar is a mandatory requirement for the maintenance and renewal of valid Bureau Veritas Process Auditor certificates for VDA 6.3. (2016).


The aim of this seminar is to bring your knowledge of VDA 6.3 up to date.  We convey the innovations to VDA 6.3, 4th edition 2023, such as the update of the question catalog, changes in the assessment, the potential analysis and other adjustments. Further contents are essential changes in the Automotive Core Tools (like FMEA, VDA-RGA, PPF, MSA/VDA 5 and ISO 22514).

The seminar consists of a combination of lectures and intensive exchange of experiences between the participants and the experienced speakers.


The seminar ends with a written multiple-choice test. Upon successful completion and proven audit activity of at least 3 complete process audits (a total of 8 on-site audit days in the last 3 years), trained process auditors VDA 6.3 (2016) will receive a newly issued Bureau Veritas certificate1.

If you wish to renew your certificate, please submit the certificate renewal application with the required documents.


Gefälschte Zertifikate
  • Introduction - Objectives of the new edition of VDA 6.3:2023 
  • Changes in content and simplifications
  • Changes of the requirements in VDA 6.3 in alignment with ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 (incl. Core Tools)
  • Auditor qualification (changes to minimum requirements)
  • Adjusted contents of the questionnaire - Typical examples
  • Change in questions with special significance ("* questions")
  • Rules for remote audits for potential analysis and process audit
  • Rules for audit process and reference to ISO 19011
  • Change of the point allocation for the question evaluation
  • Introduction of a VDA glossary
  • Exercises and workshops 
  • Written multiple choice test

course data

05.09.2023 1 Day 9am - 4pm Virtual German 470 €
470 CHF
24.10.2023 1 Day 9am - 4pm Virtual German 470 €
470 CHF


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1 Note: This training is developed and certificate is issued by Bureau Veritas