Alvin Fung, General Manager, Consumer Products Services Division, China


Alvin gained experience in different divisions before taking the job of general manager of our Consumer Products Services Division (CPS) in Shanghai.


“I‘ve always worked for Bureau Veritas. I joined the Group 15 years ago in Hong Kong, then in 2004 moved to Shanghai where I was regional quality assurance manager for CPS. My main role was to implement our global quality system.”

“My job as general manager is very challenging. I’m locally responsible for making the joint venture lab more organised and profitable. But I also have lots of regional responsibility, helping satellite offices to develop so we can build our sales and customer support presence. We look after clients in Shanghai but also other clients in the north, east and centre of China. Together, these regions represent 50% of all products exported from China. This means many challenges and opportunities for us.”

“My main challenge is to keep up with China’s fast economic growth. I’ve had to quickly recruit lots of new talents to handle new business. I now manage a much bigger team than when I started in this position. Two years ago there were 150 people working in my lab. By the end of the year there will be 800. I have to make sure we invest in staff training and set up the right organisational systems.”



Flavia Rezende, Research Engineer, Marine Division, France


Flavia Rezende is a research engineer in the Marine Division. She recently transferred from Bureau Veritas Brazil to work in Paris.


Bureau Veritas is my first job. For the past five years I’ve worked with Bureau Veritas Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. I first did analysis work in hydrodynamics and mooring – that means analysing water motion and how ships or other floating vessels which are attached (moored) to a fixed or floating facility behave in water. Then I was part of the Local Plan Office team, where my focus was mooring, hydrodynamics and stability analysis of ships and offshore units.

“Currently I work in the Marine Division research department in Paris. Hydrodynamics and mooring analysis are very important during the design and operation of offshore structures. Our job is to provide our technical teams all around the world with reliable tools and results that can support them in ship classification activities.”

“Helping to develop the HydroStar software is a constant challenge. As one of the software tools exclusive to Bureau Veritas, it helps our technical departments around the world stay competitive. I’m also involved in research and special projects in hydrodynamics and mooring. It’s very interesting.”



Daniel Oliva, Bureau Veritas Certification - Japan - General Manager


Currently based in Yokohama, Daniel joined Bureau Veritas in January 2002. He has moved to Japan from Brazil in May 2005 to help manage certification services.


“My career began in the automotive industry with an international engine manufacturing company. I then worked at Bain & Co as a strategy consultant. After joining Bureau Veritas I worked in a variety of roles, gaining experience as an ISO 9001 quality auditor, a trainer for Lead Auditors and a Project Coordinator. My previous position was as a manager for SCS (Systems Certification Services) in north-east Brazil. As North-East Area Manager in Brazil, I managed sales and ensured smooth operations for 600 customers. I’ve been helping Japan operations locally since May 2005.”

“My current position is SCS General Manager for Japan. I’m in charge of all certification activities and training related to system certification standards in the country. It’s a big step up from my previous position. Japan is a top 3 contributor for SCS Business Line, in 2006 we`ve managed to meet our targets and profitability was increased by 12%. Also top line growth of 5% was achieved in this very challenging and mature market.

“This position requires me to perform a number of different roles. I need to manage operations, develop and motivate the whole team, ensure compliance and service delivery, and also perform sales activities for top customers. I enjoy the challenge.”



Valentine Menuet, Sales Coordinator, Eco-Environment and Regulatory Affairs, France


Valentine used to teach schoolchildren French but around nine years ago wanted a change, so she joined a company that’s now part of Bureau Veritas, and spent five years in the certification department for electrical appliances.


“Now I’m in sales, dealing with Environmental Directives (RoHS, WEEE, EuP*). We develop services that help companies comply with environmental requirements imposed by the European Union and national laws. Companies know that it’s important to protect the environment, but not all have taken measures to comply with the directives. As they don’t always have the resources, we help them find less expensive solutions.”

“I like what I do. I enjoy developing services with my colleagues that create the best results for clients. I really like working with customers and helping people obtain the necessary approvals. Our lab tests help protect both their company's image and the environment.Environmental concerns being very topical, I’m always learning something that’s interesting and important for my everyday working life.”

*RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment), WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, EuP (Energy Using Products)

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