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Ensure the quality of your retailer network

For companies with a large retailer network, compliance with processes and brand-relevant company guidelines is of enormous relevance. A uniform appearance and consistent service quality have a positive effect on the shopping experience and customer satisfaction. Customers should experience consistently high quality in all areas at every point of sale.

Especially for companies with many locations, both national and international, it is often difficult to check compliance with company guidelines at all sales locations. Branding, specified sales processes, service quality, range of services, quality of goods and products, additional services and security may differ at different locations and may not always comply with corporate guidelines.

Current note: Remote inspections - an innovative solution in times of Corona

The current situation surrounding the global corona pandemic is causing enormous uncertainty among companies. Performing remote inspections can help ensure that planned tests and inspections continue to take place and business operations are maintained in the best possible way - while protecting the health of your employees and our inspectors. Click here for more information:  Remote Inspections in times of Corona



Bureau Veritas offers 2nd Party Audits across all industries for companies that have an extensive location structure or whose products and services have multiple points of contact with the market and target groups. Particularly extensive retailer networks, such as those found in the automotive industry, the supplier industry or even in retail, require attentive and regularly audited brand and process management.

Various audit areas can be considered here:

  • Equipment
  • Quality of Service
  • Sales/Aftersales
  • Warranty audits for warranty cases
  • Upstream and downstream processes
  • Presentation/availability of goods
  • Branding and brand identity
  • Location and surroundings

As an independent partner, Bureau Veritas supports you in those areas that go beyond your internal control mechanisms and capacities. Together we will determine at which of the different process stages and interfaces this should happen. We check the conformity to your individual specifications in the form of network audits or within the preceding procedures and processes. Thanks to our extensive international network of experienced auditors, we are able to audit a large number of locations across national borders.


With Bureau Veritas network audits, you can cost-effectively and time-efficiently check your dealer network for possible weaknesses and risks. We can help you create an action plan and take preventive action. Our service is individually tailored to your needs and can be supplemented by other services. Examples are the implementation of corrective measures, the development of quality seals to increase brand value, support for the opening of new locations, product tests for quality assurance or inspections according to legal and voluntary requirements.


  • One of the world's leading inspection and testing companies with an international network in over 140 countries.
  • Extensive industry expertise through Bureau Veritas Group's extensive product and market portfolio and a variety of accreditations
  • Individual products tailored to the customer's needs
  • Comprehensive IT-supported project management with real-time evaluation
  • Cost-efficient approach and planning, even when combined with other test services

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