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Digital real-time solutions for remote testing & inspection

Current developments such as the increasing complexity of supply chains, global procurement markets or the current corona pandemic have a major impact on the TIC sector. This creates an increasing demand for smart and flexible inspection solutions. With Remote Inspection, Bureau Veritas offers a real-time digital solution for flexible and cost-effective testing, inspection and walk-through. Anytime and anywhere.

Approach & procedure of remote inspections with Bureau Veritas

Before placing an order, the feasibility of a remote inspection must first be examined. Provided that a remote solution is permissible according to the rules and regulations and all technical requirements are met, a remote inspection can be carried out. The procedure is simple and straightforward:

Installation: Install remote software on a mobile device in your company

Connection: Bureau Veritas Inspector connects to your mobile device via the software

Implementation: The inspection is carried out in real time from a remote location anywhere in the world

Interaction: You can interact with the inspector at any time and follow the inspection live

Documentation: All steps of the inspection can be saved on video or as a photo to use the results for the inspection report


The current situation surrounding the global corona pandemic is causing enormous uncertainty among companies. Performing remote inspections can help ensure that planned tests and inspections continue to take place and business operations are maintained in the best possible way - while protecting the health of your employees and our inspectors.


More flexibility & lower costs with the same quality

Where permitted under the regulations, a remote inspection can be carried out instead of an on-site inspection. This ensures that the usual quality standards of an on-site inspection are maintained at all times. Furthermore, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • More flexibility

    Short-term planning times & fast implementation

  • Reduced Costs

    Savings on time & travel costs

  • Reduced environmental impact

    Less CO2 emissions due to elimination of travel

  • Better documentation

    The entire inspection can be fully recorded

Remote inspections vs. on-site inspections

What is the difference between remote inspection and on-site inspection? Can the same result be achieved with a remote solution as with an on-site inspection? All differences at a glance:

  On-site Inspections Remote Inspections
Compliance with all legal requirements           ✓           ✓*
High planning reliability (recurring inspections, safe processes and fulfilment of the prescribed monitoring obligations)           ✓           ✓
Low coordination effort           ✓           ✓
Carrying out all types of inspections           ✓           ╳
Comprehensive support by personal Bureau Veritas contact partner           ✓           ✓
Savings on time & travel costs           ╳           ✓
Savings in environmental impact           ╳           ✓

*The applicability of remote inspections must be clarified in each individual case. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about remote inspections

Which companies are suitable for remote inspections?

In general, remote inspections are suitable for all companies where a visual inspection, testing or walk-through is to be carried out. If you are unsure whether a remote inspection can be performed at your company, please send us your message.

What types of inspections can be performed remotely?

In principle, the majority of on-site inspections can also be carried out remotely. These include production monitoring at the manufacturer's premises, 2nd party audits, HSE inspections, conformity verification & pre-shipment inspections or even services for the construction sector. Furthermore, we can also offer you individual remote inspection solutions. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Which technical requirements must be met to perform a remote inspection?

Your business premises must have a 3G/4G/W-LAN internet connection. The online inspection tool used is suitable for both Android and iOS devices, i.e. you need a mobile device with a camera (smartphone or tablet).

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