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Review of annual emission reports and transport performance

The European emissions trading system EU ETS, which was adopted by the European Union (EU) and the European Parliament in 2003, came into force on January 1, 2005. It determines how many greenhouse gases and emissions from installations subject to emissions trading may be emitted per trading period.

Greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and emissions trading are also important environmental factors in the aviation sector. In order to mitigate the ever-increasing impact of aviation on the climate, the EU ETS Directive (European Union Emission Trading System) has included aviation since February 2009. Since 2012, CO2 emissions from aviation are to be included in the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS).

Since then, aircraft operators must surrender an emission allowance for every ton of CO2 emitted. This means that only the amount of CO2 is released into the environment to which the operator with a CO2 emission certificate is entitled. Airlines are already required to monitor their CO2 emissions from almost all flights that take off or land at an airport in an EU member state.

What does the eu ets certification include?

EU ETS verification is a process by which a recognised and authorised independent third party assures that the reported annual emission levels or indicators have been correctly reported and prepared in accordance with an approved monitoring plan. Bureau Veritas Certification's risk-based approach enables this process to be carried out as efficiently as possible.

First, the recorded emission and tonne-kilometre data must be verified by an accredited independent environmental expert and then submitted to the relevant EU ETS regulator in the form of an annual emissions report by 31 March of the following year.


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A tonne-kilometre performance is the payload of a flight multiplied by the distance covered. It is the performance parameter for the free allocation of emission allowances, which the aircraft operator receives as a proportion of total emissions.


The European Commission has published in the Official Journal of the European Union a list of airlines with the states responsible for regulation. Each member state has designated a competent national authority.

Thanks to its close cooperation with almost all European authorities, Bureau Veritas can provide your company with competent assistance.

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